Google Announces Pixel C Hybrid Tablet Like Surface, iPad Pro

Google today announced new hybrid tablet Pixel C. It has been completely designed in-house and runs on Android operating system and not with Chrome OS even though sharing several attributes with the Chromebook Pixel.

The hybrid tablet-cum-laptop sports 10.2-inch screen offering a resolution of 2560×1800 pixels equating 308ppi. The display uses LTPS backplane instead of a-Si one for greater efficiency and better brightness.

Google has priced tagged the tablet at $500 for 32GB and $600 for 64GB with keyboard, which comes at additional cost of $150. It is said the pitch of the keys in the keyboard are similar to that found on a laptop. This mean the keys are spaced of the same distance.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and that tablet can slide on it, flip on it, and also prop on it up on the back. Clasp or kickstand is not required. It is important here to mention here what the letter ‘C’ stands for in the naming. It is for convertible, to be used like a tablet as well as like a laptop.

The device comes with four microphones to facilitate better input of voice commands from any corner of the room. It comes with USB-Type C connector for connecting as well as charging. The connector is universal in the Google ecosystem as it can be used in any of its devices.

Critics say the Pixel C is an answer from Google to the Surface device of Microsoft and iPad Pro coming from the stable of Apple.

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