Yvette Fielding denying Harry Styles sent her dirty texts

It seems Yvette Fielding’s claim that Harry Styles sent her very rude text messages may have been a load of old cobblers.

Woman magazine published an interview with the former Most Haunted star, in which they allege the One Direction singer had sent her a string of “disgusting” text messages during a Chinese meal, while he was sat the opposite side of the table from her and her husband – when he was just 16.

Yesterday Harry’s camp denied the reports and today it has emerged that Yvette Fielding has done the same.

The 44-year-old, whose son Will was childhood friends with the singer, issued the following statement: “This story is a load of b******s, he never did it and I never said it.”

The statement follows a phone call Yvette made to Harry’s mum to clear the air.

Robin Twist, Harry’s mum’s partner, told the press today: “It is total rubbish. Yvette is very upset about it all — she called Anne this morning to explain what had happened.”

Yvette Fielding is now thought to be considering taking legal action against the magazine, who are reportedly standing by their quotes.

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