10 Steps to Your First Road Trip Adventure

10 Steps to Your First Road Trip Adventure

We all get restless from time to time, dreaming to leave the daily routine behind and hit the road. There is a lot to look forward to: amazing scenery, the atmosphere of small-town bars, the quaint roadside eateries, the people you will meet and their amazing stories. Also, traveling

keeps you in good shape and in good spirits. But before setting out on your adventure, we have some tips to help you get ready:

  1. Make a realistic plan

While doing your research you will get enthusiastic about all the amazing places you could visit and all the little stops you can do

along the way to visit a landmark or just admire the scenery. But you will need at least two days in every location in order to also get some rest. Moreover, distances are long in Australia and driving at dawn and sunset is risky.

  1. Leave Some Space for the Unexpected

While it’s comforting to have everything set, don’t crowd your schedule. First of all, weather or the condition of the roads might affect your timetable, then road trips are all about exploration. Leave some time to just wander around and discover new things.

  1. Add Some Fun

Music playlists and audiobooks will send away boredom during the long driving hours. Also, if you plan on camping from time to time, a tale

with you some board games, cards and movies.

  1. Don’t Get Lost

A recent study shows that drivers prefer mobile apps instead of built-in GPS. Apps are versatile and allow you to save a multitude of interests, from visiting sites to preferred supermarkets, but

they depend on Internet connection. So maybe the best solution is to use both.

10 Steps to Your First Road Trip Adventure1

  1. Pack Wisely

Or better, make an adventure bag and take your bathing suit, your hiking boots, your binoculars and your raincoat. Then, prepare another bag with comfortable clothes and personal hygiene essentials. This one you’ll carry a lot, up and down stairs and elevator, so you want to make it

compact. Don’t forget to add a tent, preferably one that you know how to set up. Also, carry with you bottled water, first –aid kit and basic tools for

small car fixtures.

  1. Be Ready for Emergency

if you are determined to discover the scenic lands of Australia, you are ready for long distances. Buy roadside assistance and get a

travel insurance if you are a foreigner. Many people forget about this details, but they might save in case you get a flat tire or food poisoning.

  1. Book in advance

Searching accommodation in each place you stop is a total waste of time and you might also end up paying a lot more. Get this done before you leave, even if your program changes a bit, at least you’ve checked the prices and local offer.

  1. Eyes on petrol

We are privileged to have low petrol prices in Australia(petrol, not gas), however, there are big variations depending on the

place, so take advantage of good deals. You can also rely on local radio stations to find out the day’s best prices. Also, search for chain stores which have a partner petrol station and will offer a discount of few cents per liter.

  1. Make It Memorable

Visual culture and social media set some high standards of spontaneous awesomeness in terms of traveling, but don’t expect great

opportunities to fall out of the sky. Camp in a national park, try a new water sport, hike, stop in small cities and mingle with the people, go to concerts to discover local artists and ask for recommendations: you might discover some hidden gems.

  1. Are You Ready For This?

You might be getting ready to have the time of your life with your favorite friends, with your loved one or maybe you will be enjoying

the total freedom of traveling alone. But are you sure this is going to work? Try to run a test, drive out of town for an extended weekend. If it doesn’t work for a couple of days, you might want to reconsider your traveling options.

A road trip can become a transformative experience and a memory to hold on to. While an open and spontaneous attitude is necessary, thorough planning will ensure a worry-free journey.