19 Things That Need To Happen One Direction’s Where We Are Tour

Directioners, the day that you’ve been waiting for is finally here! One Direction are set to kick off their hotly anticipated Where We Are stadium tour today (April 25) at Columbia’s El Campin Stadium. And even though it’ll be few months until some fans get to see the guys in their hometown, the hashtag #WeAreReadyForTheWWAT was trending on Twitter worldwide proves that the excitement is REAL.

As a Directioner myself, I’ve locked down at least 19 things that need to happen when the tour hits the New York/New Jersey-area this summer. And I know my fellow 1D fans will agree: from hit songs to adorable dance moves to a few … shirtless moments (a girl can hope, right?).

1. 1D Show Us How They Shake It Fast

2. 1D Show Us Their Spin Moves

3. Niall Does A Little Acoustic Number

4. Liam Gives Us the Shimmy

5. Zayn Shows Off His Artwork

6. Louis Shows Off His Soccer Moves

7. Harry Amazes With His Juggling Skills

8. And His Abs

9. They Skip To The Beat

10. Give Us Some Whiplash

11. One Direction Actually Become One

12. Scooters And Grandmas Take The Stage

13. Zayn Gives Us Another Look At His Undies

14. They Recreate This Move

15. And This One

16. Liam Becomes A Zombie

17. They Bring Back Harry Pottery

18. Kisses For Everyone

19. We Can’t Wait!

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