1D’s Liam Payne slams Channel 4 documentary

Liam Payne has said he “couldn’t give a f**k” about One Direction’s documentary.

Channel 4 broadcasted a rather dubious TV show about obsessive One Direction fans, which observed how far some of their most loyal followers are willing to go to meet their idols.

Since the programme aired on Thursday, there have been reports across the Twittersphere that fans, committed suicide after watching the programme.

“Not really sure what’s going on right now I just hope everyone’s ok xxx,” Liam tweeted. “Hearing some horrible things… Really hope this isn’t true.

“Just so all of you know we love you guys and we know how dedicated you are and tbh we can’t believe it that you gus spend all you time on us.

“We couldn’t give a f**k what any documentary says there dramatised for entertainment and full of bulls**t anyway we all know…

“… How hard you work for us and see it everyday at our shows, Let’s all take a step back and think about what we/you have all achieved… You should be proud (sic).”

So far he rest of the group have remained quiet about the speculation.

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