20% UK Firms Were Cyber Attacked In 2016: BCC

Cyber attacks have become common lately and companies need to extra cautious to protect themselves from the online criminals and also to keep personal data of public safe.

In one of the newest studies it is found 20 percent of companies in United Kingdom were attacked by cyber criminals in 2016.

The study was conducted by British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and it surveyed 1,200 British firms. It is found 42 percent of the larger companies were attacked and the figure among smaller companies was just 18 percent.

By larger firms the BCC means those companies which are having more than 100 staff.

The business group said the larger companies were more prone to such cyber attacks instead of smaller firms.

BCC urged the British companies to do more to protect themselves from online attacks.

Our of 1,200 companies only about three hundred of them said had put in place security measures to protect themselves against cyber attacks.

BCC added the online hacking risk firms with finances, reputation as well as confidence in the core business. It also costs disruption to their business and productivity apart from monetary losses.

BCC director-general Adam Marshall said the companies are required to be more proactive about protecting themselves.

Not only the smaller and larger companies are attacked online, but corporate giants like Yahoo and eBay too were earlier victims of major cyber hacks.

In 2016 Tesco Bank revealed to have lost about 2.5 million pounds due to such attack at a British bank.

In 2018 the data protection law will be extended hovering more responsibilities to the companies in protecing public’s personal data.