20 unique ideas for hanging pots

20 unique ideas for hanging pots

A large selection of various forms and colors of planters and pots allows you to create incredible floral arrangements for hanging plants. Buy flower pots and experiment with vases, boxes, banks, aquarium, old dishes, wood, etc. Maybe you can create something more interesting but there are also 20 ideas that would make a certain place in the house cozy and inspiring.

Hanging pot placement examples

1.    Flowers hang in the air.

This is an interesting idea for a bright interior design. For small and not heavy plants with small roots. The pot will be in a lump with twigs and earth. Inside there will be the roots of the plant, and the lump will be held on the threads of medium thickness.

2.    Inverted flowers.

You can use small plastic pots and attach the plant to the ceiling. Fix the roots inside the pot and your plant will grow from top to bottom.

3.    Balcony decor.

No need to be upset if you do not make repairs on the balcony. It may look very interesting if you attach some inverted flower pots to the ceiling. For such an idea, you can use any plants, not only hanging but also flowers on long stems.

4.    Idea for a bath.

Attach a few slingshots to the wall to fix the cords for future plants. Use small plants with small roots that you can put in a decorative mesh.

No place for your favorite plants 20 unique ideas for hanging pots

5.    No place for your favorite plants?

Do you want to divide the room into 2 parts or make a green wall near the stairs? Use decorative rope stairs with inserts for small pots. Attach this design to the ceiling and grow plants in pots.

6.    Hanging flowers on the balcony or terrace.

The system is very simple. Several threads hold a decorative mesh in the shape of a ball. Inside are the roots and the ground. Thus, you can grow different types of plants and flowers with different root sizes.

7.    The plant grows out of the wall.

Take a small pot and stick it to a small decorative stand of bright color. You can use wood and paint it later. Your plant will be in the pot but it will grow parallel to the floor and not up.

8.    Fountain, plant and fish.

Try to connect a small decorative fountain with a small aquarium and a compartment for soil. These three elements will create an incredible composition for the harmony of your soul.

9.    Fish scales and flowers.

Make a pattern in the form of scales on your wall. Add a wall-mounted small flower pot to each “scale” and plant beautiful bright flowers there.

creative ideas for wall 20 unique ideas for hanging pots

10.    Creative idea for the wall.

Why all pots should only hang on the wall? They can also be a fashionable picture from which a living plant grows.

11.    Green corner on the balcony.

Create a unique terrarium on your balcony. If you do not want to keep there snakes or frogs, then do everything in green shades, add tall plants, and cover with the flask figures of small animals or birds.

12.    Unusual snag and plants.

If you love nature and have an interesting form of snag, attach it to the wall, and add soil and plant some small plants in the recesses.

13.    Micro garden.

Take large glass vases and cover several small plants. The soil must be put on a stand so that the earth and the roots would not fall down.

14.    A wall from a sci-fi movie.

If your wall is empty then make a long tunnel with plants and additional lighting. Choose soft lamp tones and low plants or flowers.

Futuristic corner 20 unique ideas for hanging pots

15.    Futuristic corner.

If you like a futuristic style, then make a few unusual vases from plaster, concrete or other material. Paint it white and place the plants on top.

16.    Strawberries on the wall.

Make a lot of ground grooves on the wall. This will allow you to grow strawberries straight in your house… on the wall. It looks very beautiful when red berries appear on a background of green leaves and a white wall.

17.    Mix

On the wall can be many different plants and flowers, as well as completely different forms of pots. This variety looks very stylish and bright.

18.    Rotate and change the design.

Use two mounts and a wooden board with a recess. Place the ground and the net there (so that the plants would be fixed). Rotate the board and change the position of your ornamental garden.

19.    Pot with smooth lines.

Not all flower pots must have an open ground for soil. Sometimes the roots can be completely hidden and you see only the stems and leaves.

20.    Green wall.

Does your sofa look lonely and boring against a white wall? Add more plants and flowers to the wall, and then install a special light.

Not all people want to do a certain design style; many people like to show their creative qualities. For creative people, there are many different unusual interior decors with hanging flowers and plants. Do not be afraid to mix and to experiment.