4 Tips for New Drivers on the Road

4 Tips for New Drivers on the Road

There’s nothing better than passing your test and having the freedom to drive yourself wherever you want to go. It’s an exciting step towards adulthood and getting your independence, but it’s also a huge concern to remain cautious and attentive in your actions. When in the driver’s seat, your actions not only affect your own well being, but also the lives of others, so always be sure that your full attention is on the roads.

In this guide, we’re going to give you some useful tips on driving safely and what to be aware of when you have just passed your test:

·        Obey all traffic rules

 Driver - Obey all traffic rules

Just because you have now passed your test and have been let loose on the roads doesn’t give the green card to ignore the traffic rules. There’s a valid reason why you were thoroughly tested during your theory test to learn the road signs and other rules of the road. Make sure that you give yourself a top-up of this information before you head off on long journeys, so you don’t put yourself in any risk.

·        Slow down

Speeding is one of the leading factors why many young drivers end up injured or in fatal accidents. The faster you’re going, the less time you have to react and slow the car down. Don’t take any chances by speeding to get to your destination quicker. Stick to the speed limits; after all – being late will be the least of your worries if something worse happens on your journey.

·        Don’t tailgate

It’s a rule of the road that you should be at least two car lengths away from the car in front when driving; and four car lengths during wet or windy conditions. Following the car in front too closely is one of the main causes of rear-end collisions. It can, however, be difficult to prevent a car from getting too close to you if you’re driving at the average speed limit, so always pay close attention to them by checking in the rear-view mirror.

If you have to brake sharply and they do slam into the back of you, you could be left with serious bodily damage; of which may be a spinal injury. In this instance, you may be entitled to compensation if you can prove it wasn’t your fault. A spinal injury solicitor will be able to look into your personal case for you.

·        Don’t drive under the influence

Too many young drivers take the chance of driving under the influence of drink or drugs, but the reality is that it’s just not worth it. In the UK, you could be sentenced to a minimum of 6 months in prison, a substantial fine of up to £2500 and up to a year’s driving ban. Not only that, but the number of fatalities as a result of drink driving have been colossal in recent years. In 2013 alone, there were 8290 casualties as a result of drink driving; with 260 ending in death.

Make sure to take care on the roads and bear these above points in mind when you venture out to ensure safety to you and your fellow road users.