4 Ways to Give Your Car the Personal Touch

4 Ways to Give Your Car the Personal Touch

For many people, their car is their pride and joy. It does more than just get them from a to b; it says something about them, and it’s their link to the outside world. The thing is, cars tend to be quite, well, samey. It’s easy to walk over to a car in a big parking lot and think it’s yours, only to find the key doesn’t work. When you choose your living room sofa, it’s likely that none of your friends have the same one, but when it comes to your car, it’s entirely possible you’re not that unique.

However, there are some simple ways you can give your car an extra personal touch and get it to stand out.

Private Number Plate 4 Ways to Give Your Car the Personal Touch

1.   A Private Number Plate

Private number plates are the perfect way to put your own personal stamp on your car. Whatever it is you want your car to say about you, it’s easily done with the perfect private registration. The big question is, what do you want yours to say? One of the great things about a private number plate is that, unlike your car, it generally holds its value, and in some cases, actually increases in value. There are millions of number plates out there to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that has personal meaning to you. And what could be more personal than having your name on your car?

2.   Give it a Name

You’ve already got your private number plate with your name on it, but what about the car’s name? Every good car should have a name. Even Henry the Hoover gets a name, so what are you going to call your car? It might seem silly, but giving your car a fun name is a nice way of giving it a bit of a personal touch and you don’t have to spend anything to do it. Is your car more of a Dave or a Romeo? A Gertrude or an Alice? That’s for you to decide.

Gadget Friendly 4 Ways to Give Your Car the Personal Touch

3.   Make it Gadget Friendly

It’s your car, so you want it to be compatible with your technology! Spruce up the inside of your car and give it the personal touch by making sure all your devices are connected and ready to go. The last thing you want is your friend getting in there first and connecting their phone to your stereo so they can play their horrible music over yours. Figure out how all the technology works and make sure you’ve got everything connected.

If you don’t have any technology, then buy an aux chord and get yourself a nice phone holder, and you’re all good to go.

4.   The Extras

Are you a dice on the mirror kind of person? Then show off your personality and get those pink fluffy dice! There are so many little extras you can get to give your car a little more personality, and they don’t cost much. Popular features include seat covers, steering wheel covers, gear stick knobs, and nodding dogs.

Feel free to express yourself, and make your car stand out!