5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Florida

5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Florida

When you think of visiting Florida, what goes into your mind? For sure, it must be the theme parks. Yes, theme parks are, for the most part, a massive part of what makes Florida a superb holiday destination. However, it has much more to offer than just the rides at the theme park.

Florida also has a great wild nightlife, food, beaches, and most especially art galleries. Whether you like to stare and gape at modern art or you are inspired by the work of some of the most renowned artists, Florida showcases an array of art museums that are, without a doubt, sure to make the creative juices flowing.

It is home to a wide variety of art museums statewide, and there is something to please everybody’s interest no matter how nook it may seem. Art lovers of all ages can admire both international and local pieces of fine art at the top art galleries in Florida. To know more, here are five of the must-visit art galleries in Florida that you should not miss!

Museum of Contemporary Art 5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Florida

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is known for its innovative and provocative exhibitions as it brings and showcases the best of modern art to Florida. It is featuring work from both emerging and famous artists.

When you visit this museum, you can see brightly colored pieces of fine art from emerging artists. Plus, you can learn about the culture of the area through rotating and permanent exhibits. The Museum of Contemporary Art presents off-beat and unorthodox videos and installations aside from at least ten exhibitions in a whole year. Furthermore, it hosts a variety of events, from jazz nights to informative lectures.

This art museum is dedicated and committed to making modern art accessible to different audiences through the exhibition, preservation, and collection of the best of modern art and its historical influences.

Addison Gallery 5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Florida

Addison Gallery

This art gallery is a leading art museum in the region with a captivating and enthralling selection of abstract and contemporary pieces of arts by new artists and world-renowned artists. Addison gallery’s simple and wide-open space hold an array of stunning art pieces that are innovative, uplifting, and passionate.

The Addison gallery displays and showcases small scale to large scale artworks in corporate offices, private residences, and hotels. And they even give or provide in-house art consultations and installation as well.

Moreover, they choose paintings and sculptures for homeowners and interior designers and sort them to suit certain residential spaces and commercial spaces. Aiding interior designers and homeowners to make their own art gallery that motivates, pleases, and inspires them, that enables them to feel comfortable and create a homey feel, and that encourages thought and conversation.

5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Florida

The Harn Museum

The Harn Museum is the most prominent university-affiliated art galleries in the United States. So, if you want to see one, then don’t forget to visit this museum. You can see different art collections that highlight modern and contemporary art, Asian, African, and photography.

Also, you can express your admiration for “Champ d’avoine (Oat Field)” by Claude Monet. Furthermore, The Harn Museum has a museum nights event, which is an engaging experience with guest lectures, performances, and art-making activities.

The goal and mission of this museum are to enrich, educate, and inspire the lives of the people through art. The art gallery brings the delight and great pleasure of coming in contact with some of the great works of art to global audiences, diverse community, and university through enlightening and relevant exhibitions, art collections, and learning opportunities.

MAC Fine Art 5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Florida

MAC Fine Art

This art gallery highlights works from world-renowned artists in the beautiful world of art, displaying the biggest and largest exhibition venue in Florida. The Macfine Art Gallery features a custom design frame store wherein visitors can shop and buy their fancied frames for the artwork they purchased, a digital photography studio, and an innovative Giclee painting facility.

The MAC Fine Art Gallery also features lots of the most renowned names in the world of art. They offer pieces of art to art dealers, architects and consultants, homeowners, and private art collectors.

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art 5 Must-Visit Art Galleries in Florida

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

In this art gallery, you can see and admire the most impressive collections in the whole world by famous artist Louis Comfort Tiffany or Tiffany & Co. today. You can see the glass lamps, art glass, pottery, and the designer’s jewelry. Moreover, you can browse the paintings from the 19th and 20th century.


If you plan on visiting Florida soon, these must-visit art galleries should be on your list. You should visit at least one of them. These art museums will surely enrich and inspire your weekend with history and culture. Aside from the theme parks, you should definitely try going to one of these places, especially if you are an art lover. Kids will also love them.