5 Tips for the Perfect Weekend Break to Windermere in The Lake District

5 Tips for the Perfect Weekend Break to Windermere in The Lake District

The ‘perfect’ weekend break is however you choose to define it as such – what is a great weekend break to one person may not particularly appeal to another. Windermere in the Lake District is one place in the UK where you’re guaranteed to find something suited for everyone. The way you choose to spend your time there can be improved by the following 5 helpful tips!

Make Your Hotel a Special One

It makes sense to try and save money on your accommodation when you’re planning a 1-2 week trip or more, but if you’re only going away for 2 or 3 days, then you can afford to put a little more into a more special and more memorable hotel. No matter where you’re going, there are plenty of hotels which offer a greater amount of luxury and that personal touch, such as boutique Windermere hotels which also offer great facilities on site.

Travel to a Place Suited for a 48 Hour Trip

Don’t book somewhere where there is simply too much to do during the 48 hours. You may be at risk of being overwhelmed and in fear of missing things you really want to see or do, and it’s much harder to plan when you have a huge list of possibilities that you simply don’t have enough time to spare for. Instead, book a break in Windermere and kick back as you experience the slow-paced life and take in the natural surroundings.

Lake Windermere is a fantastic spot if you’re looking for more of the natural sights and a break from the big city, but it also offers a whole host of independent shops that are worth exploring as well as the more prominent alternatives, such as Lakeland.

Spare Extra Room in Your Budget

Weekend breaks may call for spending a little more on things you wouldn’t usually consider, due to lack of time. While a two-week holiday may see you happily travelling a few hours on public transport between places of interest, this is valuable time wasted when you only have 2 days to play with.

So you may want to consider extra cash for time-savers, such as taking a taxi instead of using public transport, and paying more for facilities or restaurants which are nearby instead of travelling further afield for cheaper deals.

Check for Events

Sometimes, it’s great to plan a weekend trip around an exciting event that’s taking place. This can often be the reason many people book a weekend away to somewhere in particular. It could be a festival which only happens once a year, a show you want to see or specific markets like Christmas stalls that you want to check out.

With so much to see and do in the Lake District, there is always something going on, no matter the time of year you choose to travel. With entertainment facilities like the many theatres, shops and market squares, it’s always worth checking in advance for what’s on – check out all the events happening in Windermere here.

You don’t want to travel there, only to discover that something exciting already happened the week before!

Book a Tour

Tours can be the easiest ways to explore a place in a given amount of time. Tour guides will know the best places to see, and they will have a set route which can let you take in the best of everything. This can save you a lot of planning time and research and avoid the risk of missing a particular tourist attraction you didn’t know existed. Official tours may also let you see certain hidden gems known by the locals, or areas which are exclusive to tour groups.