5 Ways AI Can Help Improve Customer Experience

5 Ways AI Can Help Improve Customer Experience

Providing consumers excellent customer service is a priority for many (if not all) businesses, and with constant innovation in the area of customer support to facilitate efficient communication, there’s a lot to keep up with.

One such trend in the call centre industry is the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) features. In fact, studies show that 45 per cent of retailers are expected to increase their use of artificial intelligence for customer experience in the next few years.

From studies like this, we can infer that AI will continue to play a significant role in keeping customers satisfied. So, if you’re wondering how to make the most out of artificial intelligence, here are five ways you can use it to improve your customer experience.

Chatbots Leverage AI to Power Self-Service Solutions 5 Ways AI Can Help Improve Customer Experience

1. Automating Customer Interactions for More Immediate and Personalised Responses

With the power of AI, you can interact with customers and prompt them for information, which in turn allows the system to link them to the most appropriate agent in your call centre. Or refer them to the best resource for their given circumstances.

Consequently, customers get faster and more efficient responses, which limits the need for consumers to be passed between several agents and wait in annoying call queues.

2. Enable Image Recognition for Visual Listening

Artificial intelligence can be a powerful social media tool that allows brands to gain a full view of how their audience (across all digital channels) sees them. This provides valuable brand feedback, and through analysing each mention, companies can adjust their social media outreach to improve the customer experience.

Personalised Responses Chatbots Leverage AI to Power Self-Service Solutions 5 Ways AI Can Help Improve Customer Experience

3. Chatbots Leverage AI to Power Self-Service Solutions

Self-service is a popular trend in customer support, with more and more customers seeking online solutions to their problems. If you want to capitalise on that, you can use chatbots that leverage AI to create triggers and responses to commonly asked questions and other typical lines of inquiry. This can lead customers to an immediate solution without them having to wait for an available agent. It’s predicted that as many as 85 per cent of customers will manage their brand interactions without speaking to a live human by 2020.

4. AI Is Available 24/7

Automated solutions allow companies to provide around the clock customer support. Needless to say, enterprises that leverage AI in this way have a chance of developing this as an edge over their competition.

AI Can Reduce the Strain on Call Centers 5 Ways AI Can Help Improve Customer Experience

5. AI Can Reduce the Strain on Call Centers

Call centre solutions that implement AI can provide some much-needed relief for customer support agents. Call centres could function with fewer employees at any given time, assuming that the AI tools can handle simple tickets and efficiently redirect calls to the appropriate agent.

It also empowers agents to focus on more complex issues where their expert knowledge counts instead of having to apply themselves to repetitive, generic questions. This could improve staff morale in call centres while saving you labour expenses — win-win.

AI’s Likely to Change the Face of Customer Service Forever

With more and more automated responses replacing real-life customer representatives, customer service is about to enter an age of more efficient, automated solutions. In the future, agents will be responsible for dealing with more complex cases and applying their expertise rather than customer FAQs. While, at the same time, the tech-savvy next generation will use online resources and AI responses to get immediate assistance with more straightforward issues. In a nutshell, that’s how we predict AI will shape the landscape of customer service.