56 Dean Street Clinic Accidentally Leaks Personal Details Of HIV Patients

Personal details of about 800 HIV positive patients have been compromised by a leading NHS sexual health clinic in London. It has revealed names and addresses of those in its new newsletter sent on Tuesday.

The 56 Dean Street Clinic’s monthly newsletter usually contains the updated information about HIV services, but without mentioning any details of the recipients, which are always hidden.

On Tuesday, in the latest newsletter, the clinic mailed complete visible list of email addresses too of the recipients who are HIV positive.

Chelsea and Westminster NHS trust run the clinic. The administrator has apologized to the patients and vowed to investigate how the uncertain occurred.

Britain’s data protection watchdog too will be investigating the issue.

A 38-year-old HIV patient said he was able to know the names of his friends who are HIV positive from the mail otherwise he had never earlier knew their HIV status.

The trust has released a statement saying it was an error from the end of administration and the newsletter was sent to an email group without sending it to the recipients individually.

The statement also added that the trust has contacted all the recipients immediately to inform about the error and they have also apologized for the leak.

However, concerned patients can call on these to numbers: 020 3315 9555 and 020 3315 9594. The phone lines will be open until 6pm tonight.