57-year old mother Sharon Twyman beat cancer five times

57-year old mother Sharon Twyman beat cancer five times

Gravesend, Kent – A mother of three from Gravesend, Kent was able to survive cancer five times in two decades.

Sharon Twyman, who is now 57 years old, is living a healthy and positive life after she was diagnosed with breast, armpit and bowel cancer. She was 29 when she first learned that she has cancer. It was in 1990s when she suffered again three times from the same cancer, but she was able to win the battle against the killer disease

She thought she was past the stage of developing cancer. In 1994, however, she was diagnosed with armpit cancer. But like breast cancer, she won over the disease.

In 2007, her doctor said that she has bowel cancer. She consulted her doctor after she got ill the night before her 5oth birthday. When she woke up the next day, she discovered blood after an upset stomach. She survived the disease after removing 16 inches long of her colon.

In 2014, Sharon Twyman was struck with another tragic news of cancer. But it was not her. Her husband Gary was diagnosed of cancer. It started from his kidneys and spread to his bones and brains. Gary only lasted for three months. He died from septicaemia at age 60.

After all what happened, their children did not thought they would lose their dad first. It was always their mum who they thought would leave them anytime because of the series of cancer she had to battle with. Sharon’s dad Harry died at age 72 from cancer. Her mother Lillian died from cancer also at age 69.

With her cancer battles, Sharon Twyman had one of her breast removed. She endured daily radiotherapy for almost seven weeks and chemotherapy for a year. The treatments have also caused her right arm to feel slightly numb. After all she had gone through, she firmly believes that she has finally defeated the killer cancer.