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A 5YO Too Being Investigated By UK Police For Sexting

A new data reveals UK police is investigating a serious matter about children sexting and has found as young as five years old has been found in the act.

The data adds about four hundred children below the age of 12 have been contacted by the British cops related to sexting.

British law does not permit taking or sending photos of people younger than 18-year-old and prohibits even the to your own photographs.

The youngest boy found sexting is from County Durham and he also earlier had cases involving four 8-year-olds and four 7-year-olds.

He is believed to have taken and sent sexually explicit selfies.

The UK law even adds children below 10-year-old cannot be convicted of crimes as they may not be responsible for their actions.

Durham Constabulary official Steve Thubron said their focus is not to criminalize anybody unnecessarily, but to protect the children.

Meanwhile, some of the apps have lately taken measures to reduce the cases of sexting. Two years ago Snapchat issued advice to its teen users to remain clothed while communicating with people who are below 18-years-old.

The new data comes via BBC from a Freedom of Information request to all UK police forces.

A survey conducted in 2016 to teachers in the NASUWT union found over 50 percent of them know children are texting at the school.

In the same year about 500 primary school-aged children were investigated for such actions.

Police are investigating 189 sexting cases of primary school-aged children in Greater Manchester alone.