6 Attractions Perfect for Office Parties

6 Attractions Perfect for Office Parties

Do you find yourself dreading the same old office parties with boring entertainment? Since the holidays are just around the corner, planning an awesome office party will soon be on everyone’s mind. But the challenge is coming up with a theme and choosing the right attractions that will appeal to every attendee. In which case, have you considered fairground rides, stalls, and attractions? There are so many of them to choose from. But, this article will list the top six attractions that everyone will surely love.

Why choose fairground hire for an office party?

Hiring fairground stalls and rides for office parties is not a new thing. It is a trend that is gaining attention for both corporate and private events. Fairground stall hire is versatile. You can rent rides and attractions from the same company, and they can also provide food stalls with a variety of refreshments.

Funfair rides and stalls 6 Attractions Perfect for Office Parties

Funfair rides and stalls are also universally appealing. Almost every person has a memorable childhood experience of going to the fair. There is no better way to relive that memory than to host a party where adults can once again be carefree and reminisce about their youth.

When it comes to convenience, fairground hire companies offer a one-stop-shop where all the necessary services are provided. They will provide operators and staff to manage each ride or stall. They will also handle the delivery, set-up, and dismantling. All you need to do as the party planner is coordinate with the company and oversee logistics.

Popular fairground attractions and rides for office parties

There are classic rides like carousels and Ferris wheels that bring a sense of nostalgia. Games of chance and skill also do not fail to challenge anyone who dares to compete. But fairground rides and attractions have come a long way. Today, you can select from top-of-the-line modern rides and stalls that will guarantee fun and excitement. Here are six suggested rides and stalls you should not miss.

Dodgems 6 Attractions Perfect for Office Parties
  • Dodgems. Dodgems are a favourite in every fair. Employees can take their chance at crashing into their boss, all for harmless fun.
  • High striker. Another oldie but goodie is the high striker. You do not have to worry about the game being rigged. Most modern high strikers are digital and can accurately gauge how strong you can swing the mallet.
  • Waltzer. The adrenaline-pumping twists and turns of a waltzer are always a great source of fun. If the party is at night, these rides are fitted with lights and sounds to heighten your enjoyment.
Coconut shy 6 Attractions Perfect for Office Parties
  • Coconut shy. Another classic fairground stall, the coconut shy is another perfect attraction for an office party. Dislodging them with a wooden ball is exciting and challenging and can lead to hours and hours of fun.
  • Fortune teller booth. For an office party, a fortune teller booth is a fitting choice. It is the perfect contrast for all the light-hearted attractions.
  • Miami trip. This ride is fast becoming another fairground classic. Instead of a Ferris wheel or a carousel, a Miami trip adds a modern spin to a traditional attraction.

Apart from these suggestions, there are many more you can choose from. Remember to keep available space in mind so that there is enough space in the venue to move around.