7 New Futuristic Technologies That Will Help Save Our Planet

7 New Futuristic Technologies That Will Help Save Our Planet

Humans have always tried to better themselves for centuries, which has brought us to where we are today. There has been a monumental shift in the way we live our lives. Unfortunately our planet has suffered greatly in the process and things need to change soon.

Luckily a few  Futuristic  technological advancements could help save the day. Technology owes us a favor because it’s caused most of the damage in the first place. We’re finally seeing great people put it to better use, but let’s look at some examples of how it’s going to change things.

Recycling A Huge Amount Of Plastic

The way we recycle stuff like used ink cartridges will always be important, but we’re coming up with new ways to tackle waste every day. We all know plastic bottles and bags are hurting our environment.

Researchers have now discovered how to take the recycled plastic and turn it into fuel. It’s a big step towards relying less on fossil fuels, which we’ll need to stop using in the future anyway.

Capturing Carbon From The Atmosphere

Everyone is worried about CO2 emissions because they’re going to ruin the atmosphere. It would have been impossible to do anything about this in the past, but now we can literally scoop carbon out of thin air.

We don’t even have to do anything with it that will cause problems in another way. Something good can come out of it. For example, a company could take the captured carbon and turn it into a commercial product.

Vertical Gardens Will Pop Up Everywhere

What are the three things anyone would choose if you asked them what was required to grow food? They’d likely say water, soil, and sunlight. Vertical farms are capable of growing lots of food without any of them.

They also grow much quicker than the food you’ll find on traditional farms. These buildings are absolutely huge, but they’re being built inside cities. It’s definitely going to set the farming industry on a new trajectory.

Taking The Danger Out Of Nuclear Energy

Ever since the Second World War we’ve been scared of nuclear energy. When we read about meltdowns at nuclear power plants on the news it doesn’t help. Maybe we would think differently about this energy source if it could be improved.

A traveling wave reactor we’ve now designed can take depleted uranium and put it to good use, as opposed to storing it away or using it to build weapons. Creating safe fuel from a nuclear byproduct is a wonderful accomplishment.

Using GPS To Save Endangered Turtles

The modern technology we now have at our fingertips will also allow us to save endangered animals. We’ve not been doing a great job of it in recent years. GPS will hopefully be able to save Hawkesbill sea turtles before they vanish.

Fishing vessels are where the danger lies, but it’s not necessarily their fault. People still need to catch fish in areas they’re allowed to go. GPS will warn them when turtles are close by and they can go somewhere else.

Replacing All Of Our Light Bulbs

We’ve got to thank the person who designed the incandescent light bulb, but they didn’t do a very good job. When we look back on them today it’s hard to forget they release nearly all of the energy they consume as heat.

LED bulbs might not be a high priority to most people, but they’re going to save so much energy. They last much longer than traditional light bulbs and the cost of manufacturing them comes down every year.

Storing Energy In Organic Flow Batteries

It’s easy to come up with new ways to create energy, whereas storing it is a little more difficult. The reason it’s so hard is because batteries are so small, but flow batteries will let us use external tanks.

The only trouble with this is the amount of money it costs, but Harvard researchers have found a solution. Organic flow batteries will replace some components with organic molecules, which will seriously lower their cost. 

These Technologies Are Only The Beginning

Do you have any idea what the world will look like half a century from now? Everyone talks about the bad things we’ll see, but it’s only based on the technology available today. If we stay on this path it’s a certainty everything is going to be okay.