7 Summer TV Series We’ll Be Watching

School is out and so is the sun, which is great, but made bittersweet by virtue of the fact that all your favorite shows have had their season finales already. See ya, “Mad Men.” Til next year, “Parks and Recreation.” Au revoir, “The Mindy Project.”

Since there are only so many episodes of “Catfish” available on demand, and because spending time in the great outdoors is for people who are into that sort of thing, here are a few shows we’ll be communing with on our couches this summer season.

“Undateable” (NBC)

What it is: Premiering May 29, “Undateable” looks to be doing its damnedest to fill the hole in “How I Met Your Mother”-loving viewers’ hearts, laugh track and all. Expect beers, bros and lines you won’t be able to stop repeating in your normal life.
Why we’re psyched: We miss sitcoms that remind us of our own lives, awkward pickup lines, friendzone and all.

“Almost Royal” (BBC America)

What it is: As if we weren’t into Brits enough, now they’re going full “Borat” and making fun of us. And if there’s anything Americans love, it’s being mocked to our unsuspecting faces. Two actors pretending to be monarchs will interact with normal Americans, surely to hilarious results. It premieres June 21.
Why we’re psyched: As Lorde says, we’ll never be royals. But at least we can pretend.

“Crossbones” (NBC)

What it is: Because nothing says summer like boats, let’s put John Malkovich on one. And, hey, let’s make the guy a pirate. A pirate in fancy shorts. In, in, in for the summertime spectacle, premiering May 30.
Why we’re psyched: Malkovich, an Oscar nominee, gets his Keith Richards on on the high seas. We don’t even know what to expect.

“Halt and Catch Fire” (AMC)

What it is: It’s like “Mad Men,” but with computers and silly glasses and in Texas! Sold. Let’s all place our bets on whether this has more or less in-office inebriation than its AMC brethren. It premieres June 1.
Why we’re psyched: Smart is the new sexy, a thesis this show and its cast would seem to prove.

“The Leftovers” (HBO)

What it is: “LOST” ended four years ago, and we still refuse to find a new show. What infuriating new thing will Damon Lindeloff think of next? We’ll probably be sending grumpy tweets aplenty about the mysteries, but we won’t be missing this one, beginning June 15.
Why we’re psyched: One look at the show’s poster is enough to convince us: Come for Justin Theroux’s back muscles, stay for the mystery.

“The Strain” (FX)

What it is: This new vampire show from Guillermo del Toro looks so gross and creepy and awesome. Premiering July 13, it centers around a group of scientists who fight a virus that causes vampirism. Science and non-sparkly vampires? We like the sound of this.
Why we’re psyched: Let’s face it, we can never get enough of vampires. Between this, “True Blood” and our well-worn “Twilight” DVDs, we’re all set.

“Extant” (CBS)

What it is: Halle Berry, astronaut. Need we say more to get you on the couch July 9? Didn’t think so.
Why we’re psyched: We can’t wait to see Halle Berry strut her stuff on the small screen. Who wore the space suit best: Halle or Sandra?

What are you looking forward to watching this summer? Let us know!

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