75 M Devices Running On Windows 10: Microsoft

Late last month Microsoft officials revealed the Windows 10 operating system is being used by more than 75 million devices across the world.

As of now te software giant is charging $119 for the Home version of its OS, but only for those users who does not qualify for free upgrade and also those who are not covered by a license of it.

According to the marketing chief of Windows, Yusuf Mehdi, more than 90,000 PC and tablets are using the newly launched Windows 10 across at least 190 countries.

The Windows 10 is practically getting more popular due to its newly introduced Cortana feature, which is capable of telling jokes too to the users.

Microsfot estimates more than one billion devices across the world will run on Windows 10 OS within a time period of next three years.

Recently Mehdi also tweeted a thank to celebrity Windows 10 downloaders Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, pop singer Lady Gaga and reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Cortana feature has been welcomed by the users of any device whether it is a PC, tablet or laptop.

In terms of revenue it is found the new OS can also boost app sales in the Windows Store. It will surely boost the income of Microsoft.

Apart from all these, the main focus of Microsoft is to involve more and more people in using the Windows 10. For this reason free update is being given and also a good ecosystem has also been built like it is integrated with Office 365, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Groove Music and Windows Store.