A GIF Treasury Of Less Offensive Ways To Show Your Support For Seth Rogen

We’re big Seth Rogen fans ’round these parts, being appreciative of a dude who makes movies that make us laugh. In fact, we’re a big fan of a lot of people. So are you! We bet a few of you like Seth Rogen too.

So, as a fan of Seth Rogen, it’s only natural to feel a bit defensive about some less than positive associations that have been made the last few days. That’s cool, everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

Here’s what’s not cool: When supporting a person you like means tearing another person down. A glance at Rogen’s Twitter replies, where he publicly responded to a column written by Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday in which she drew a connection between “Neighbors” and the shooting at UCSB, leads to some disturbing responses. There’s anti-woman rhetoric, outdated and sexist slang and straight-up nasty, crude comments, all purportedly in support of Rogen and his innocence.

Here’s the thing: To support someone, that doesn’t mean that another person must be torn down. To be more direct, this is not a girls-versus-boys issue. It’s totally uncalled for to be slinging anti-woman language as if it supports your cause or helps the celebrity that you like.

Even more direct: Are we really dropping the c-word in here? Really?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF must be worth at least four thousand. (Logic.) Since this is a story that won’t go away, we need to find a new way to talk about it without tearing down other parties. Ahead, we’ve compiled a GIF treasury of various Rogen reactions that might be used to express disagreement or support.

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