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A Guide To Parenting Teenagers From Book Review

“If you want respect, give respect.”

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting Teenagers is a book that is part of a larger system of parenting known as STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) which started in 1976, growing from a book called Raising a Responsible Child. The STEP program is currently the most used parenting guide program in North America, with over thirty years of experience in educating millions of parents.

STEP/Teens Program

The focus of the overall teen parenting program known as STEP is building blocks: how parents can handle issues involving their teens such as misbehavior, discouragement, discipline, as well as problems facing every parent-teen relationship. A more intensive approach that reaches beyond the Parenting Teens book, the STEP/Teen program helps parents deal with everyday problems such as messy rooms, moods, and meals, in addition to more complex issues-drug use, sex, gangs and depression.

How Parenting Teens Can Help

This book is extremely helpful for parents who are beginning to undertake the new world of raising a teenager, or for parents who have reached a challenge in parenting a teen. The book is written in a way like a textbook, but is never dry, boring, or condescending; it uses an easy-to-read format, cartoons, and humor as well. It is a book that can be picked up in short sessions of acquiring new and creative ideas for approaching the teen years in a positive way. The book offers reinforcement to parents who have perhaps become frustrated or drained in the process of guiding their teen out of the childhood years and into the stage of young adulthood. The transition is often not easy, and is absolutely made easier by experiencing the expert advice and guidance in the book.