Christmas Nut Roast

A vegetarian Christmas is more than a nut roast

At Christmas time the meat-eaters at the table will probably have a vast choice of not only meat but also roast vegetables, typically drenched in goose fat. Unfortunately most people struggle for inspiration when it comes to a vegetarian Christmas, and for a non-vegetarian cooking a meal for a vegetarian guest they often struggle to avoid nut roast, nut ‘cutlet’ or a vegetarian lasagne. There are many delicious vegetarian recipes that any vegetarian will love and if you are stuck for ideas you can always visit the Vegetarian Society’s website which hosts many delicious recipes.

Cooking for a Vegetarian Guest

If you are a meat-eating household catering for a vegetarian household try to avoid looking for a meat substitute and remember that you can make life much easier by making gravy, sauces and other accompaniments vegetarian friendly. A batch of paprika roast potatoes or rich onion gravy will delight vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Whilst an apple and walnut stuffing offers a flavoursome alternative to traditional stuffings, but remember not to cook this in the bird.

Creative Vegetarian Cooking

Be a little creative this year and offer something more adventurous than cashew-nut loaf. A savoury vegetarian strudel offers a great taste and festive feel for Christmas dinner. It is easy to prepare and serve and can be made in advance.

This looks beautifully festive especially if served on a central platter surrounded by gently simmered cranberries.So whether cooking for yourself or someone else there is no need to have a boring cruelty free Christmas. Vegetarian Christmas dinner can be delicious and nutritious. Failing all other inspiration there’s always a tofu turkey or you could buy from a good vegetarian catering company.