Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter Invites Chloe Grace Moretz For Date Over Twitter

This is something really strange. Aaron Carter. He invited Chloe Grace Moretz for a date over Twitter.

The singer may be rational as he is now single and obviously ready to mingle, even if it is with a fellow star.

He had earlier called quit with girlfriend Madison Parker.

Chloe said in one her interviews Carter had been her childhood crush. She thought him to be very cool at the age of just 4. She is now 20-year-old.

Recalling the younger days of schooling while talking to Variety magazine the actress added she and her friend used to fight over who would get Carter one day.

Chloe mentioned, “Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet.”

Well, the day has come and she has received the invitation of date from Carter, who wrote on the social platform, “Mmmm may I take you to dinner @ChloeGMoretz?… Hey @ChloeGMoretz – let’s set up a date. The crush is mutual.”

Chloe has not yet replied to Carter, but the singer is lately getting ton of attention publicly after he revealed to be attracted to both men and women.

In one of his letters to fans Carter said at the age of 13 he started finding attractive both the genders and until age 17 he went on thinking about it.

He said, “I had an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with.”

Earlier he had also mentioned his sexuality was one of the reasons for breakup with girlfriend.