Aberdeenshire stone

Aberdeenshire stone circle not built 4,000 years ago; made in 1990s

Initially the Aberdeenshire stone circle was thought to be thousands of years old, but lately an investigation into the site found it very young, just about twenty years old.

The Aberdeenshire stone circle at the parish of Leochel-Cushine is identified as a modern replica and the man who built it, former farm owner Mr Welfare, came forward with the truth saying he made it in the 1990s.

Meanwhile, Aberdeenshire Council historic environment record assistant Neil Ackerman said the latest development to the site is disappointing but he hope it would still be appreciated.

Ackerman added, “I hope the stones continue to be used and enjoyed – while not ancient it is still in a fantastic location and makes for a great feature in the landscape.”

He further continued that such kind of monument does not date.

The original recumbent stone circles were built some 3,500 to 4,500 years ago and those are one of the great features of historic importance in north east of Scotland.

The circles feature a large horizontal stone that is flanked by two upright stones and these two are situated between the south-east to south-west of the circle.