Add a Touch of British Heritage to Your Wardrobe

Add a Touch of British Heritage to Your Wardrobe

There can often be moments in all of our lives when we look at our wardrobe and we just don’t like what we see any more. Sometimes we outgrow what we once loved, sometimes it feels too outdated, or we simply have worn it too many times that we have fallen out of love with it. When you have reached this point and are unsure of how you can fall in love with your wardrobe again, maybe it’s time to consider something slightly different.

Maybe you want to have a more trendy look; you might even want to go for a street style look or see if a corporate powerhouse feel is right for you. Perhaps you want to style a more classic look that is also contemporary. If it is the latter style you are interested in, adding a touch of British heritage to your wardrobe can help you do just that and here is how.

Start simple

Completely changing your wardrobe can take time and money, so if you want to incorporate your new style, it is best to start simple. Adding items such as socks and underwear as well as antique buttons and hats can help add that touch of British heritage without completely overhauling your entire wardrobe. If you love wearing these items and find that you receive compliments when wearing them, then it is time to start thinking about going bigger.

Handmade Add a Touch of British Heritage to Your Wardrobe

Choose Handcrafted Items

When looking to add even more to your wardrobe, you should consider picking handcrafted items from a reputable company such as Gloverall. You can choose from a wide variety of clothing items, including the original 1950s mens duffle coat, known as the Monty Duffle coat. Other handcrafted pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe also include the Hawthorn Blazer and the iconic Churchill Peacoat, as well as an array of tops and sweaters that are all made from premium organic cotton and proudly manufactured in Britain.

These classic British quality clothes will help you to establish your new-found style and are perfect for layering up to finish off your timeless look.

Shoes Add a Touch of British Heritage to Your Wardrobe


It’s not just about adding new clothes to your wardrobe. To add that touch of British heritage consider investing in a quality pair of shoes, such as the Derby Boot or the Brogue, which is a low heeled shoe traditionally made from leather. Having a pair of shoes from a great shoemaker will ensure they last for years; they can be paired with a smart pair of trousers or a more casual pair like jeans depending on the style you are going for.

Colours are important

Making sure you are wearing the right colors is just as important as adding signature pieces to your wardrobe. Simple colors such as beige, blue, grey, and red are traditional British colors and will work perfectly when styling your outfits.

british heritage Add a Touch of British Heritage to Your Wardrobe

Consider Fabrics

Next time you look at adding a new clothing item to your wardrobe, think about the fabric that has been used to make such items. If you wanted to have a more classic and traditional look, opt for tweed blazers. Normally associated with the countryside and the Royal Family, tweed is a rough woollen, water-resistant and hard-wearing fabric, which means that unlike other materials, it will last a lot longer and is perfect for staying warm while outside.

Style a tweed jacket with a matching waistcoat and a quality pair of chinos or jeans, and you will have yourself a classic yet contemporary look.