Adult contemporary music gem: Lisa McClowry's "Time Signatures"

Adult contemporary music gem: Lisa McClowry’s “Time Signatures”

An adult contemporary music artist who calls Chicago home these days, Lisa McClowry successfully blends a remarkable vocal range with tender song lyrics and a jazz-pop accompaniment in “Time Signatures.”

Lisa McClowry, a Movie Music-Voiceover Professional.

In addition to her adult contemporary recordings, McClowry’s repertoire includes movie music themes including “Bridge to the Stars” for the Wild Thornberry’s soundtrack, and “Through the Eyes of Child,” from the big screen adaptation of “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.”

Using her talent as a voiceover artist, Lisa McClowry has been the sound behind major advertising campaigns as well as the character “Princess” in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.

“Time Signatures” is the Title Track to Lisa McClowry’s Current Album.

“Time Signatures,” the first of 12 tracks on the album of the same name, was released July 13, 2010 on World Stage International Records, distributed by NuGroove Music via the Sony/Red label. The disk was recorded at World Stage Studio and Lennon’s Den, both in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

With duration lasting a total of 3:58, “Time Signatures” ends much too soon.

McClowry’s “Time Signatures” Blends Gentle Lyrics and Explosive Vocal Trajectories, Creating a Winning Adult Contemporary Sound.

In “Time Signatures,” an upbeat blend of gentle lyrics amid a sometimes vintage improvisational feel, McClowry evokes a combined Dusty Springfield-Mariah Carey-Anita Baker song diva groove.

“I will always treasure, those first moments of forever” are some of the tender lyrics that sit atop pounding drums and neat but funky bass lines, the foundation and at times the launching pad, for McClowry’s remarkable vocal trajectories.

Soft, sweet-sounding back-up vocalists, a punchy beat and well-balanced mastering provide the added sparkle to McClowry’s expertly crafted mix of finesse and pop.

Lisa McClowry and Jim Peterik, Performer and Composer, Teamed Up to Create “Time Signatures.”

The liner notes for the Time Signatures CD credits 23 musicians for their work on Lisa McClowry’s latest collection. Jim Peterik is cited as the producer of the album and the creator of the “Time Signatures” title track. Peterik’s name can be found in various online product descriptions regarding the Time Signatures CD:

“Vocalist Lisa McClowry, in collaboration with Jim Peterik (Grammy Award winner, Oscar nominee for Eye Of The Tiger, writer of The Search Is Over, Hold On Loosely, Vehicle and many more), is releasing her new CD, Time Signatures, in July 2010.”

Remarkable vocals, tender lyrics and a jazz-pop accompaniment are the key elements in Lisa McClowry and collaborator Jim Peterik’s adult contemporary music gem, “Time Signatures.”