Alfred Hitchcock Films

Alfred Hitchcock Films Not Nominated for Best Picture

Hitchcock’s first American movie, Rebecca, did win the best picture Oscar in 1941, and it is a good story, but it’s not in the AFI top 100 American films. Four other Hitchcock works are.

Rear Window (1954). The ultimate voyeur film. Jimmy Stewart is a photographer who while recovering from a job injury is temporarily wheelchair-bound. To relieve his boredom, he begins to spy on his neighbors, a pastime that almost results in his death. If a viewer watches carefully, there are actually several side stories going on at the same time. Rated #48 overall by AFI and #3 in its top ten mysteries. Grace Kelly co-stars.

Vertigo (1958). This story of a police detective (Jimmy Stewart) obsessed by the memory of a woman (Kim Novak) is rated #9 overall and #1 in mysteries. At the time of its release, it did not do well at the box-office and was panned by many critics. Even Hitchcock considered it a failure, feeling that he made a poor choice in selecting an “old” Stewart for the lead.

North by Northwest (1959). The title makes no sense and the plot, centered around a man mistakenly believed to be a spy, is not very believable, but who cares. It’s a fun film with some suspenseful moments and Cary Grant, as the befuddled innocent man, is in top form. Rated #55 overall and #7 in mysteries. Eva Marie Saint co-stars.

Psycho (1960). This story of a young man (Anthony Perkins) and his strange “relationship” with his mother was probably the first slasher film. A mixture of horror and black comedy that led some people into developing fears of motel showers. And, who else but Hitchcock would eliminate his leading lady (Janet Leigh) halfway through the film!