All the details on Reese Witherspoon’s Golden Globes style

We like Reese Witherspoon‘s sweet style, but we love when she goes sexy, and she did just that at the Golden Globes Sunday night in custom Calvin Klein Collection and $3.7 million worth of Harry Winston jewelry.

Her stylists gave Entertainment Magazine the rundown from start to finish.

THE DRESS. Stylist Leslie Fremar came up with the color for Witherspoon’s gown in a dream, then tasked Calvin Klein with making it happen — and it certainly didn’t come together overnight.

The collaboration began about a month ago and ended with one final fitting Sunday morning, culminating in a result Fremar was thrilled with. “I love the color. I love the fit. I felt like it was very modern. It was moving forward for her in terms of fashion,” Fremar tells PEOPLE. “I feel like it all came together like I wanted it to.”

Witherspoon herself contributed some design elements, like the striking racerback, and loved the dress enough to share a sketch on Instagram (below). “You could see it in her face, that she just felt really good in it,” Fremar says. “It was a collaboration and it really came together. Everyone was happy.”

One more fun element Fremar shared: The shoes were custom Christian Louboutins dyed perfectly to match. “I had them dyed the color of her dress, because I didn’t want any break in color,” Fremar says. “I sent them [a swatch] and they made the shoes to match.” Now that’s service.

THE MAKEUP. Mai Quynh chose warmer colors to play off Witherspoon’s tan skin and ocean-hued gown. She used Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows in “Earth Glow” and “Fire Glow” plus liner in “Brown Copper” for a golden look.

“A lot of people asked me, ‘Why didn’t you do a dark smoky eye?’”  “I just thought that would take away from everything and not be as fresh and modern. I wanted a brighter eye.”

And Witherspoon is happy to put herself in Quynh’s hands for the best beauty results. “She’s so great, she trusts you. And she’ll ask questions, like ‘What’s this?’ She’s so interested,” the makeup artist says. “So I’m kind of giving her a lesson while we’re doing it! And at the end she was like, ‘Great, I love it, thanks!’” Can you blame her?

THE HAIR. Stylist Renato Campora saw the dress the day before to come up with the look he calls “simple, sophisticated, modern, quite Calvin Klein.”

He used L’Oréal hair products to create a graphic, defined bob for her that was a little angular, finishing it with the brand’s Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Strand-Smoother Serum Spray to make sure the very clean look stayed that way all night.

“There are so many elements, [like] the earrings, you work around what is there. We wanted to open up her face to show the neck which is beautiful,” and while he’s open to Witherspoon’s suggestions, she trusts his vision, just like she does Quynh.

And in the end, “Reese was very, very happy. She felt beautiful. For me, when you create a hairstyle, it’s important that you combine the personality of who it is” with the style itself, he says. And it shows in her the way Witherspoon worked that red carpet all night!

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