The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge For Celebs on Instagram

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is now taking over Instagram and the dare has even gone more viral because of celebrities taking it. What happens is once one starts doing it, they have to tag another person or other people on their post to do the challenge. Lots of celebrities have already participated like Mark Zucherberg, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Jim Parsons, Justin Timberlake, J. Lo and many more. Now it’s Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse’s turn to do it. Cara was wearing a white top when she did the challenge. She did a sexy dance after drying off from bucket full of ice. Her fans were definitely entertained after her post.
After her was also another celebrity blonde beauty and current girlfriend of Bradley Cooper- Suki Waterhouse. Cooper wasn’t around and she did it all by herself in front of a camera. It was really freezing that the actress couldn’t help but really got astonished by it the minute the ice hit her skin. Other artists like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift went ahead of the others for this challenge. The BFFs we rumored to be on a fight but looks like this challenge has mended their issues because Taylor tagged Selena and she responded to the challenge so indeed that was a pretty cool move for the two bestfriends to show the world that they are doing just fine with each other.
Also today, Ashton Kutcher accepted the challenge. Well looks like this dare is really a hit! You can also do this to your friends by the way to raise the awareness on ALS. The stars have done it, do it with your friends as well for a more fun experience on your Instagram. More latest celebrity Hollywood news that’s been going viral on the web here with us so make sure to keep it right here where every news is fresh.