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American Airlines To Squeeze Leg Space In Economy Class

American Airlines have announced to be packing up more seats on the new Boeing 737 Max models to become competitive against low-cost carrier including Spirit Airlines.

The airline spokesman Josh Freed said space between seat rows in the economy section will be reduced from 31 to 29 inches in three rows and elsewhere in the same segment the legroom will be of 30 inches.

Spirit Airlines offer 28 inches while JetBlue’s A320 planes have 31 inches space between the rows. earlier had called a 29-inch leg space as miserable and super comfy for 34-inch.

American Airlines has been commonly using the 737 Boeing model on its domestic and near international destinations and from fall of 2017 the next-generation, 737 Max, will be used featuring slim seats to reduce seatback depth.

Freed added, “People focus on the numbers, but the well-designed seats are set up to be space efficient and improve overall living space”

Even though thinner seats are lately becoming industry norms, but many passengers have complained of discomfort as those have less padding.

However, if seen in practicality it is found more people are looking for safe and cheap transportation.

It is yet to be seen whether other airlines will be following the model of American Airlines in accommodating more seats. Many believe United Airlines could take a similar move, but it is learned it will be offering 31 inches of pitch.

Similarly Delta Air Lines will be offering 31 to 32 inches of space and Southwest is learned to be providing leg space of 32 to 33 inches.