Amy Poehler’s Farmer’s Market Fun

Amy Poehler

Funnylady Amy Poehler and her boys, Abel, 3 1/2, and Archibald, 5, spent time together at the farmer’s market Sunday afternoon (May 4). The Parks and Recreation star was in a good spirits as she walked around with her sons and a couple of friends.

Sleep is a thing of the past now that she’s knee deep in motherhood.  “Now that I have kids, I’m up at 5:30AM no matter what. Sleep at this point is just a concept, something I’m looking forward to investigating in the future.” Poehler tells ELLE magazine.

Six years after Amy paired up with Tina Fey in the hilarious motherhood comedy Baby Mama. The two have another comedy in the works –  The Nest, about two 30-something sisters who find out their parents have put their family home up for sale.  No release date has been set.

via Celebrity Due Date

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