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Android Creator Andy Rubin Launches Essential Phone

Android creator too has jumped into the mobile market with the launch of his own high-end smartphone.

Andy Rubin resigned Google in 2014 and founded his own technology investment company named Playground. The very first product of it is the upcoming Essential Phone.

The new phone runs on Android operating system and is currently on sale in the United States. Rubin has priced tagged the Essential Phone at $699.

However, Playground knows will be facing tough competition in the US as well as in the global market.

Samsung has 21 percent global sales share and this is the highest. Apple enjoys 14 percent.

It is to note the Chinese mobile companies are finding tough to survive even with their subsidized devices. The smaller firms have failed to command even single-digit market share.

Understanding the market scenario Rubin said to Californian audience while launching there was space in the Android market for another big player and Essential is aiming to it.

Rubin also revealed Essential will soon come up with a standalone assistant similar to Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

The Essential Phone is made of titanium and the screen stretches mostly with minimal bevel. It is mounted with two rear cameras with combined lenses for better photography in low light and the selfie camera is equipped with 8-megapixel lens.

Even though the specs of Essential Phone is not outstanding to shake the market, but the reputation of Rubin may gather some attention as he is the key man in the Google team who created Android OS.