Guess the crowd couldn’t take it anymore, they took their frustrations to social media to express dismays over the installation of the company’s latest software updates.

Many people have resorted into deleting their stock photos and images, even songs and videos, even other important files in order to free up space for the new version of Apple’s mobile OS which requires a whopping 5.8GB of storage.

The company also removed apps for its new sheet, a health software because of a bug.

An expert said that Apple’s updates were often having “teeth problems”.

Some frustrated users took to Twitter just to express their annoyance and frustrations which caused the topic to go viral.

This wasn’t the first time that the Apple users had trouble with the iOS updates. In 2012, the iOS update caused some users to lose their apps, others also lost photos and messages when they updated to iOS7 last year.

The new iOS8 requires a bigger space, which would definitely give headaches to the users. To make things worse, the new iOS8 doesn’t run with the HealthKit service, which is designed to work with those third party wearable health devices.