Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 To Come With Mirror-Like Quality

Apple’s iPhone 8 has a fresh rumor and it suggests to have a mirror-like quality.

The leaker cites a source that embeds within the supply chain of Apple and claims the new feature will give the upcoming phone a global appearance.

Latvian Benjamin Geskin leaked the new rumor adding the phone to have four color schemes and to create the most buzz with the new mirror-like design.

The most respected Apple leaker also shared an older iPhone unit featuring a reflective case to help fans to get some impression.

Certainly the new feature will be a departure from the earlier color-related rumors.

A previous rumor suggested the upcoming Apple phone would come in six color shades including gold, red and grey.

There have been other rumors too like iPhone 8 will be more slim than predecessor and to come in fewer color schemes.

One of the rumors went to extreme level suggesting Apple may come up with only black iPhone 8 to transmit a professional appearance.

Even though the latest rumor seems interesting, but sounds to be an unique parameter. Apple has always tried outstanding aesthetics and the new reflective quality may be something different in the industry.

However, it is yet to be known how the reflective mirror-like design would work in sunny conditions.

The mirror-like design is not new. The accessories market has related products for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Probably Apple has been inspired by the accessories and wants its customers to get authentic experience.