Are college baseball camps worth it

Are college baseball camps worth it

During a high school baseball player’s career, it is likely that they will get many letters from colleges and universities inviting them to their “exclusive” showcase camps. These letters promise the player exposure to advanced coaching, high visibility, and recruiting possibilities. They come in many forms including attractive pamphlets, letters, and brochures.

Disadvantages Of College Baseball Camps

These perks all sound very attractive, but there is just one catch; this “exclusive” showcase camp costs $600 not including travel and hotel accommodations. The camp itself runs for two days, and there will be over 200 other players competing for the coach’s attention. The exclusivity promised by the brochure just went down as the costs add up. This type of camp is, unfortunately, very common for many high school baseball players.

Benefits Of College Baseball Camps

Are all college showcase camps bad? Definitely not. When selected properly, certain camps can be a great benefit to a player and can definitely help with the recruiting process. If an average high school player receives a letter from a high-profile program such as the University of Texas or Miami, one needs to consider the realistic chances that player has to actually play for those programs. However, if a player receives a letter from a school that he is already considering applying to and has a good chance to play for, it may be worth looking into.

How Many Baseball Camps To Attend?

Many players make the mistake of attending four, five, or even more high-profile showcase camps for schools that they could never realistically play for. This results in the loss of thousands of dollars, as well as the feeling of failure and even embarrassment when they learn they don’t possess the skills to compete at that program’s level.

Find The Best Baseball Instruction

Another mistake players make is attending the high-profile camps in the hopes that they will receive the best available instruction. This is not always the case and can be the opposite. Many of the smaller programs offer much more personalized and sincere instruction which allows a player to improve his game and make the most out of his money.

Choose Camps Wisely And Be Rewarded

When chosen wisely, some college showcase camps can and will help a high school player get recruited. Choosing the right camps will provide the player with the best chance of being noticed, as well as the best instruction suited for his talent level. However, some camps have the sole purpose of making money. Don’t be fooled by the promises of some of the high-profile schools. Be reasonable when choosing a college camp to get the most out of your money.