Ashton Kutcher – The Highest Paid Television Actor.

For third year in a row, Ashton Kutcher has been hailed as the number 1 highest paid TV actor of the year. This actor, former model and entrepreneur topped the Forbes’ annual list with an estimated income of $ 26 million in this year. Kutcher currently plays the role of Walden Schimdt in the show Two and Half Men. Jon Cryer and Mark Harmon tied at an approximately $ 19 million mark- ranked second. On the third is actor, singer and producer Neil Patrick Harris who was nominated for four Emmy Awards playing Barney Stinson in the hit television series How I Met Your Mother. Last 2010, He was also a part of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine. Patrick Dempsy and Kevin Spacey are in the fourth spot having an annual gross of $16 million while comedian entertainer Tim Allen completed the top 5 list with his estimated income of $15 million. He is known for the voice behind the character Buzz Light year of Toy story.

Having the sixth place is Australian actor Simon Baker who has an earning of $ 13 million. His Television career peaked as he plays the lead role – Patrick Jane in the series the Mentalist. Jim Parsons on the seventh with $12 million gross who is playing a significant role as Sheldon Cooper in the hit The Big Bang Theory. Back to back on the eight places are Jason Segel and Johnny Galecki with $11 million.

It is a triple tie on the ninth spot with $10 million of earnings – 2008 Golden Globe Awards Best Actor Jon Hamm, Anger Management star Charlie Sheen, and How I Met Your Mother’s Actor Josh Radnor.

Finishing on the tenth spot is Bryan Cranston with an annual earning of $8 million. He received various Award recognition as an actor and director – Emmy Awards, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Saturn Awards to name a few.


Forbes’ 2014 Top 10 Highest-earning TV Actors:

1) Ashton Kutcher ($26m)
2) Jon Cryer ($19m)
2) Mark Harmon ($19m)
3) Neil Patrick Harris ($18m)
4) Patrick Dempsey ($16m)
4) Kevin Spacey ($16m)
5) Tim Allen ($15m)
6) Simon Baker ($13m)
7) Jim Parsons ($12m)
8) Jason Segel ($11m)
8) Johnny Galecki ($11m)
9) Jon Hamm ($10m)
9) Charlie Sheen ($10m)
9) Josh Radnor ($10m)
10) Bryan Cranston ($8m)