Assad Regime Poisoned 500 People In Douma, Syria: Claims

World Health Organization has come up with report to the recent chemical weapon attack in Syria’s Douma revealing about 500 people were affected.

The report was on Wednesday and it is based on reports from WHO’s Health Cluster partners. Eastern Ghouta’s Douma district was attacked with toxic agents on Saturday by Assad regime forces and 78 civilians were killed.

A statement from WHO reads, “In particular, there were signs of severe irritation of mucous membranes, respiratory faiure and disruption to central nervous systems of those exposed.”

Meanwhile, the organization’s deputy director-general for emergency preparedness and response, Dr. Peter Salama, has demanded for immediate unhindered access to the chemically attacked area in Douma to provide medical care to those who are affected.

WHO added about seventy people were sheltering themselves in basements have died including 43 such deaths which are related to symptoms consistent with exposure to highly toxic chemicals.

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on February 24 for a month-long ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta and other areas in Syria to allow humanitarian aid delivery.

The ceasefire was not followed and Russia backed Assad regime launched a major ground offensive in March to recapture last opposition strongholds in Eastern Ghouta.

UN commission released an inquiry report thereafter accusing the Assad regime of committing war crimes in the area and use of toxic agents against civilians.

Use of chemical weapons has been reported in Syria since 2012.