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Auckland’s Sickening Case: Mum Sold Teen Daughter 1000 Times As Sex Slave

A Fiji mother, living as illegal immigrants in New Zealand, was convicted Tuesday by a High Court in Auckland for selling her teenage daughter 1000 times as sex slaves over a period of two years.

Justice Matthew Muir pronounced a jail term for six years and eleven months for Kasmeer Lata and trial for her partner, Avneensh Sehgal, to start next week.

Sehgal has pleaded guilty for dealing in underage people for sexual exploitation and also receiving earnings from it.

Lata moved to New Zealand with her daughter and sons about a year before the horrible incidences started. Their visitors visas expired soon and they started living illegally. Their money was finished and she was unable to feed the family.

The mother told her 14-year-old daughter to begin with prostitution to earn money and help in feeding the family. The proposal was refused, but on the 15th birthday of her daughter she sold her for the first time.

During the 18 months period the 36-year-old sold her daughter about 1000 times, sometimes even five times a day for as much as $200 per hour.

She started with advertising about such service on a website and later started getting clients through escort services. The men started requesting for the teenager at motels. Either Lata or her partner use to take the teen to the places.

The mother lied about the age of her daughter in all the advertisements.

The sex slave was written in Crimes Act in 1961 and this case is one of the most sickening in New Zealand. It is the third in legal history of the country.