Australian Authorities Charges 15-Year-Old For Plotting Terror Attacks

A 15-year-old school going boy was arrested Thursday morning and later of the day charged with conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack of police headquarters.

The teenager was detained along with a 20-year-old man from western Sydney.

Meanwhile, three more men, aged 21, 22, and 22, were charged today with terror charges too but for separate conspiracy. The three are already in custody.

Since December 2014 a series of raids have been conducted by Australian police across the country and evidences seized from those contributed to today’s arrests.

Meanwhile, the Australian officials have also expressed their concern about increasing number of radicalized teenagers, adding the teen boy too may sentenced to life in prison if convicted.

According to NSW Police Deputy commissioner for special operations, they are charging the teen boy with very serious offense and this should concern everyone in the country and not just them.

Officers said they have uncovered a broader plot and these arrests are just part of it after keeping them under police surveillance for about past one year.

Not much detail have been given by the police in the press conference about the broader plot but said the attack targeted civilians randomly and also attacking the Australian Federal Police headquarters in Sydney.

The officials said further the people who have been charged today were influenced by extremists.

Authorities also added those who have been charged today is accused of murdering Cheng.

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