Austria Bans Burka

Austria Bans Burka Wearing In Public Places

No one are allowed to wear burkas in Austrian public place. Police has been tasked to remove the facial coverings by force after an anti-burka law has come into effect.

The new law prohibits women from wearing facial coverings like burkas and niqabs. In the public places people are also restricted from wearing clown make-up, ski masks and surgical masks.

In Zell am See, a town south of Saltzburg, two police officers were seen asking a woman to remove her veil after the so-called ‘burka ban’ came into existence.

A fine of 150 euro could be charged for those who will defy the ban.

Even though the new rule is applicable to some non-religious facial coverings too, but it is mostly perceived to the clothes worn by minority Muslim women.

Full veils are rarely seen in the Alpine country even though there has been hike in migrants and refugees into Europe lately.

The law is similar to what was passed in France and couple of other European countries. It is applicable to visitors too who come as tourists from Muslim countries.

German chancellor Angela Merkel earlier had supported for a similar law in Germany. She said, “Our law takes precedence over codes of honour, tribal or family rules, and over sharia law.”

Meanwhile, some groups from the minority has criticized the new law in Austria saying fully veiled women are being criminalized and restricted to their homes.

However, there are strong supports for the new law and it will be one of the key agendas in general election that is scheduled for October 15.