Bansky credited with new mural on English home

Possible Banksy Artwork Around A Telephone Box

CHELTENHAM, England, April 14 (UPI) — Many people credit Bansky for a new mural on an English home.

The painting appeared over the weekend on the side of Karen Smith‘s house in Cheltenham, England. The mother of five tells the Gloucestershire Echo that she heard noises on Saturday night, but “thought nothing of it.” She saw men pack a white tarpaulin into a van on Sunday morning, and noticed the mural soon after.

The work depicts three 1950s-era spies who are equipped with headphones and listening devices. Many believe the painting references Cheltenham’s status as the home of GCHQ — Government Communications Headquarters.

“My daughter, Sophie, thinks it’s Bansky, but I’ve been speaking to different people outside and some agree, some don’t,” Smith says.

“I’m happy about it,” Smith’s daughter Sadie adds. “Everybody in Cheltenham is talking about it.”

Bansky is the alias of an unknown graffiti artist whose works have surfaced for years at different locales around the world. The Gloucestershire Echo posits that Bansky is the artist Robert Gunningham, and says that Gunningham posted pictures of the new mural to his Facebook on Sunday.

Gloucestershire Echo

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