BBC Good Food Days Numbered; Job Cuts Threat Expected

BBC is shutting down its Food website in a cost cutting move. As part of the plan to cut £15 million from the online budget, over 11,000 recipes will be archived.

It is not yet decided whether the commercial BBC Good Food website too will be suffered from the plan.

BBC source said the TV show recipes will appear on the website but only for 30 days.

BBC news and current affairs director James Harding may be briefing the staff later about future of online services and also about the TV channels of the corporation.

Food writer Xanthe Clay, who writes for the Daily Telegraph, said the archive was fantastic as it came directly from chefs and was a part of their cultural heritage.

According to chef Dan Lepard the food recipe was an extraordinary and world-class archive.

The BBC source added the recipes would not be removed even though the BBC Food website would be shut down. This will lead to the archiving of the recipes and not removing of those.

However, searching for the recipes would not be easy thereafter as links would be removed and those won’t be optimized too.

The final decisions are still pending and things will be decided over next twelve months, but 40 jobs may come under threat of the plan.

General secretary Gerry Morrissey said BBC is currently contracting itself.

He added, “Sadly we only expect more of this to come as the BBC faces up to the cuts imposed by government.”

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