BBC To Move Doctor Who, Sherlock, Strictly Come Dancing To Non-Prime Time Slots

Soon the Sherlock, Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing may be shifted to non-prime time slots of BBC to avoid clashes with the rival shows.

A crackdown is being planned by ministry on competitive scheduling to grant a new royal charter for safeguarding the network for another eleven years.

White Paper from the government is expected to come up with several measures to reduce impact of the network on commercial rivals. It is also being said a review is to be submitted in midterm to check the programming of BBC.

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale said the future of broadcaster will be guaranteed for 11 years and this mean the corporation will be safeguarded until 2028.

The current royal charter of the network is to expire by 2016-end. Last year, in July, the network struk a funding deal with the government and it is guaranteed until 2022, which also marks the centernary year of BBC.

The corporation meanwhile has been accused of using the licence fee income in mounting a land-grab of territory of rivals. It has faced governance failures too.

BBC’s governing body chairman Rona Fairhead said the charter of less than 11 years would erode the foundations of independence and leave the network as perpetual plaything of political classes.

The longest charter was granted by Margaret Thatcher in 1981 and it iwas for a period of 15 years. The current charter is for 10 years and to expire in 2017.