BBC Presenter Kate Silverton Broke Down To Tears Televisiong Footage Of Syrian Baby Rescue

It was like the whole world was weeping with BBC presenter Kate Silverton who broke down in tears on air while showing a baby being pulled out of the rubble in Syria.

The news brought joy for the month-old girl’s survival, but it also questioned the long-running war in the nation.

The rescue by white-helmeted rescue workers was captured by a cameraman. In the footage it is seen worker Abu Kifah broke down and the news reader was unable to control emotions. She broke down too while televising the sobbing.

Silverton later said she had imagined the little baby like her own daughter.

It is learned Kifah had pulled the little one from rubble and she was covered in dust and suffered just a bit

However, the girl suffered just few cuts and some bruises. She is one of the lucky ones.

The little girl use to live in Idib. It is now bombed.

Idib is about forty miles south west of Aleppo.

The rescue worker said when he had held the girl in hand he felt as she was her own daughter.

The footage was televised yesterday during lunch time on BBC and anchor Kate Silverton too went emotional which was revealed while she was trying to introduce another segment of the news.

The voice of 46-year-old trembled and tears were seen rolling down behind her glasses. Everything was televised live.

Kate herself has two children aged two and four. She later tweeted though her job is to be inscrutable and impartial, but she is also a human.