best dance songs of 60s

Best dance songs of early 1960s

There are so many great songs from the 60s that make everyone, from little kids to old grandfathers, want to jump up and dance. While, it’s tough to narrow the top hits down to the best of the 60s, both and have given it a try. Music lovers and party DJs just have to decide which songs would have gotten a high rating on American Bandstand’s Rate-A-Record.

Best Dance Songs

Rolling Stone Magazine had earlier put together in 2003 “The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. Now, as much as everyone likes the Rolling Stone’s two top 60s songs, “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan and “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones, anyone who tries to dance to those songs is going to look like a very creative bohemian retard (or worse). So, here are some good dance tunes plucked from the Rolling Stone list:

Early 60s: The early 1960s dance songs were predominantly Motown-style singles. But, in 1963, The Beatles penetrated with the first wave of British Invasion and muscled in on the American-bred music monopoly. A whole dance-party list could be made from early and mid 60s Beatles’ tunes, however, most dance lists should strive for more variety.

1960: “Money: That’s What I Want” (Barrett Strong) – This is hard-core dance music. “The Twist” (Chubby Checker) – It’s a dance so easy, even white boys can do it; heck, even computer programmers can do it.