Christmas holiday

Best free ways to enjoy Christmas holiday in 2020

Christmas Holiday – Having fun and getting the most out of the holiday season does not necessarily mean that people need to spend a lot of money. There are many different activities that can be done for free or very little cost that can be enjoyed with friends and family. These activities may also bring a new perspective for everyone on the meaning of the holiday season.

Christmas Light Tour

Gather friends or family and go out and look at all the Christmas lights. This can be a walking or driving tour depending on where the spectacle is. Some people do spectacular displays that are worth the tour. Many cities and towns also have special light displays that are free to go and see, usually sponsored by the Lions Club or some community group. Whether it is in the neighborhood or a short drive to another part of town, this is a very enjoyable activity.

Christmas Holiday Carol Singing

Remember the days when carolers used to come to the door? Gather a group of friends and neighbors and take them out carol singing! Song sheets and words are easily accessible on the internet, print them off and go out one night to sing. People will enjoy the fresh air, the social aspect, and the joy of sharing with others. Afterward, people could gather at someone’s house for hot chocolate or apple cider. If the cost of the beverages is a concern, ask people to bring their own mug or drink mix, or head to the local coffee shop where everyone can buy their own.

Christmas Service Projects

Volunteer. Give back to the community and help out at the same time by volunteering at the local drop-in center, homeless shelter, seniors home, etc. There are many different places that rely on and look for volunteers during the Christmas season to make/ serve meals, deliver food/ gift hampers, give someone a lift to the mall or just visit with someone. Search out what opportunities are available either on the internet, community newsletter or by asking friends if they know where there is a need.

Christmas Holiday Party

Keep it Simple. There is no need to have one person do all the work and provide all the food and drink. Most times the allure of the Christmas party is just a chance to get together. If someone chooses to host at their home, have everyone contribute by bringing an item to share. Have a festive theme, ask people to wear red and green and instead of a gift exchange, do a compliment exchange. When everyone gets there ask them to write something nice for someone on a piece of paper, put it into a jar, and then each person can draw one as they leave at the end of the evening. It’s free and it will make people feel good; what a wonderful gift!

Christmas Movie Night

Invite people over to watch a Christmas movie! There are lots of wonderful Christmas movies out there. You can pick one up for free from the local library, or rent one. Pick one, make popcorn, and press play. People can socialize, eat and enjoy without anyone having to do a lot of prep or big expenses. Again have everyone bring an item to share, whether it is drink or eats.