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DALLAS, May 20, 2014 /Emag.co.uk/ — HomeSecurityExaminer.com has just published their list of the top 5 home security companies in Dallas, TX . “Homeowners face many challenges when it comes to selecting a home security system, not the least of which is cost,” warns Price. “We want to urge homeowners to get a full picture of the costs before making their final decisions.” These costs may include a wide variety of add-on expenses that aren’t included in the original quotes.

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What should consumers look for when investigating home security companies? Price recommends that consumers look for companies that offer the following features at minimum.

Remote Access for Arming and Monitoring

There are few people today who have alarm systems that haven’t been going about their days or out on the town only to wonder if they remembered to arm their alarm before leaving the house.

Many companies offer the ability to check home remotely from a work computer or even via smartphone apps to ensure that it is in fact armed. This may be fairly new technology, but with today’s technological capabilities, it’s really a “must have” for homeowners.

Monitoring Options

For most homeowners, the reason for purchasing a home security system in the first place is to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with around the clock (and calendar) protection. Always choose companies that offer 24/7 monitoring by live representatives. Don’t settle for anything less.

In addition to offering monitoring services for break-ins and burglaries, however, look for additional services such as fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, and freezing. Households with aging or physically impaired family members or owners, should also consider looking for home security systems that provide medical alert monitoring as well.

Two-Way Communication Capabilities

One other option more people are thankful to have for their alarm systems is the option for two-way communication. This option is most notably associated with medical alert systems, particularly those that provide remote necklaces that have emergency buttons. However, Price suggests, “This benefit is useful in many situations as it allows an instant point of communication between the home and monitoring service even if mobile phones are out of reach or out of service. All it takes is the touch of a button for instant access.”

Backup Power Availability

Power outages happen, sometimes as a precursor to break-ins. Price warns that “Hard Wired systems are simply too easy to render ineffective as many hard-wired home security systems go down the instant the power goes out or someone snips a wire.” Consider instead, choosing wireless alarm systems that have long-life batteries for backup.

Click Here Now to Read Our Reviews of the Top 5 Companies in Dallas, TX

“Competition is stiff among home security companies,” says Price. She strongly urges consumers to take advantage of this stiff competition by comparing local home security companies to see which ones offer the best bargains or throw in the most add-on features at no additional costs.

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