How to Find the Best Snowboarding Instructor Course

How to Find the Best Snowboarding Instructor Course

If you’ve decided to pursue a career as a snowboard instructor, the next step to achieving your dream is selecting the best course which will open the doors of opportunity while at the same time allowing you to experience the best that this career has to offer.

It is essential to keep in mind that there are organisations that award and certify instructors around the world according to the resort location. But snowboard instructor courses are not made alike. Therefore, you need to establish a clear career goal and get certified from some of the most famous snowboard instructor bodies in the world.

British Association of Snowsport Instructors

 Here is what you can expect if you are a BASI certified snowboard instructor:

  • BASI allows an aspiring snowboard instructor to earn a level 1 qualification through any of the dry slopes and snow domes across the United Kingdom. If you have a BASI level 1 certification, you can start a career as an instructor on artificial slopes.
  • If you want to get a level 2 certification, you’ll need to undertake a programme in the mountains. There are programmes which will allow you to take both level 1 and level 2 certification together. A level 2 certification earns you the opportunity to teach intermediate level snowboarders in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan among others.
  • If you move on to get a level 3 certification from BASI, you’re qualified to teach advanced level snowboarding around the world.
  • The highest BASI certification is level 4 which you can achieve after five years of teaching. If you are aspiring to teach in France, you’ll need a level 4 certification.

Snowboarding Instructor Course

One of the main advantages of a BASI certification is that many countries around the world recognise it. If you want a versatile certification which gives you the opportunity to work in resorts across Canada, the US, and Europe, a BASI certification is an excellent option.

Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors 

Another career path for snowboard instructors is to get certified through CASI:

  • Unlike other level 1 certifications, a CASI level 1 certification will immediately allow you to instruct intermediate snowboarders on mountain slopes. There are also some CASI level 1 internships that offer instructors a guaranteed paid job upon qualification.
  • If you are looking for a more advanced opportunity for instruction, aspire to reach a CASI level 3 certification. Aside from teaching advanced snowboarders, you can also start instructing level 1 and level 2 instructors. For a greater chance of better employment, don’t stop at level 3 and get level 4 CASI certification.

Similar to BASI, a CASI certification is also recognised in most European countries including the US, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia. Another advantage of working in a Canadian resort is that companies that own them hire employees within the resort which means it is easier to find a job once you complete an instructor course.

After deciding which course to take, you can then proceed with planning your career path and researching the details of the course.