Best things to do in Budapest

The old city of Budapest is no doubt one of the most beautiful in Central Europe. From watching traditional Hungarian dancers near Heroes’ Square, having plenty of choice for entertainment and the various influences of culture throughout the city, Budapest won’t disappoint. Full of culture, history and fun, it is impossible to be bored in this city. Here are nine of the best things to do even on a budget.

Learning About Budapest

A free walking tour which extensively covers the sights and tourist attractions of the beautiful city of Budapest is the best way to get an understanding of the country and the history of the Magyars. They usually run for over an hour and give a very informative introduction to Hungarian history. A guide is usually a local who knows the best restaurants, bars, and the prices of activities in the area to help the traveller stay on budget.

Spend a lengthy amount of time walking through Castle Hill. A world heritage listed site, the view from the top is unbelievable. A walking tour will introduce the area but taking time to walk the surroundings will be more enjoyable.

Heroes’ Square marks an important part of Hungary’s history. The beautiful outlay of the monuments is situated near City Park and directly opposite the Museum of Fine Arts and Art Gallery which are all definitely worth visiting at the same time.

Visit the House of Terror Museum. It gives a detailed account of the two terror regimes in Hungary’s history, and is a memorial museum dedicated to the victims. The building was once used as the headquarters by the secret service during the communist period.

Relaxing in Budapest

The public baths are a highlight, particularly the Széchenyi Baths situated behind City Park with thermal baths and saunas both inside and outside, varying in temperature. The outdoor baths are particularly worth visiting for their ornate display of fountains and statues.A visit to Budapest is not complete without visiting the baths, and it is easy to spend all day here just relaxing

There are many great bars and coffee houses throughout Budapest. In the middle of downtown Budapest, Váci utca is the perfect place to begin the day early, when the city isn’t awake yet and no one else is around. In the evening check out the nightlife – the alternative bar Simpla is a good choice for a casual evening out.

The Danube Bend being within a short distance from Budapest means day trips to beautiful little towns like Visegrád are possible. Catch a ferry, visit the lower castle and walk the steep path to the citadel ruins just for the view.

The square at St Steven’s church is situated in a beautiful area with a number of great restaurants available to sample Hungarian wine and try goulash, and are not overly expensive.

For those who like a good book to read while catching a train from A to B, there is a great second hand book store called Red Bus, in the very centre of town.