Best Women’s European Travel Accessories – Long Summer Scarves

Women are suggested to pack light and fit in with the European locals. If not, just look hotter than fellow travelers. Simply pack one or two long lightweight scarves in face-flattering colors. Gauzy, sheer scarves weigh absolutely nothing and are easily stuffed into carry-on bags or travel purses.

Most women, who like to read packing lists, have probably heard about bringing a large square scarf to wear in European cathedrals (or to drape over their booties while walking along the beaches of Hawaii). That is an equally important, but different, type of scarf.

Extra Long Lightweight Scarf

This style of scarf is for beauty. This is a fashion scarf. This little scrap of fabric is something to bring light to a woman’s face, so she doesn’t look old and over 40 or 50, even if she is. This is not your mother’s scarf. And, this article is written by someone who seldom wears scarves when back home in The States.

Casual Chic

A super handy-dandy all-purpose specimen of lightweight fabric is what chic and skinny Parisian women wear, instead of jewelry, when out on the street. On the other hand, some Parisian silk scarves, like Hermes, cost as much as a small gold bauble. The right scarf will look mix-and-match Bohemian in London. And, the right piece will have Germans and Italians saying, “Bonjour, Madame.”

How to Wear a Scarf

Throw away the Boy Scout knot-tying handbook. The best and easiest look is done by Braille, with no mirror, where the scarf is worn with artfully messy flair. The ends should not end up the same length when done. Natural twists and turns are good, and the full effect should be a casual chic elegance.